Fish and Eggs


As the mother of an adult son who, at the age of about 7 or 8, fell in love with the ocean and ocean animals, eating fish has never been a comfortable choice in our family! As a teenager he began to read and learn more about how much our oceans are threatened by over-fishing, and we heard all about the problems with both farmed fish and the “Seafood Selector” guide put out by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  Years of that made us simply give up eating fish!

While I don’t have any good substitutes for fish, I can offer you a recipe that bills itself as a mock tuna. I can’t say that it tastes too much like tuna, but I can say that it is delicious! It is quick and easy to make as well.

1 can chickpeas, drained and mashed

2 Tbsp vegan mayonnaise (or more if desired)

1 Tbsp sweet pickle relish

2 tsp brown mustard

2 tsp celery seed

salt and pepper to taste

Mix together until it resembles tuna salad. Add other tastes as you might like, such as a finely chopped chili pepper, a dash of paprika or cayenne pepper, some sunflower or poppy seeds, a few capers, etc. Spread on crackers or bread and enjoy!


Perhaps you have followed the news over the years of “eggs are bad for you” and “no, wait! they are not bad after all.”  Dietary advice has been confusing and frustrating at best and this is a particularly egregious example.  I have continued to eat some eggs if I can get them directly from farmers at a market (to avoid the “cage free” question) but other members of my family have cut them out completely. Though there is not much to mimic the delicious taste of a poached egg on toast (my favorite), I have found many substitutes that work well in cakes and other baked goods.  The ones I have used the most are ground flax seed with water, applesauce, and a commercial egg replacer. Since eggs have different uses in cooking, and since I don’t really need to re-invent the wheel from others’ good work of compiling a nice list of replacements, I refer you to this site which was created for people with egg allergies.

Aquafaba. Huh? Here is a new one. This “ideal egg replacement” has been big news in the vegan blogosphere.  It is the liquid from canned chickpeas, which you may notice is something like egg whites. There are many recipes for meringues and other desserts you can find online, and here are a few.

Finally, I recommend tofu scramble! This is a tasty, healthy substitute for scrambled eggs and a good use of tofu. You can add any vegetables you might normally put in the egg version (like mushrooms, green peppers and onions) and it will almost taste the same. I have used a commercial brand of a tofu scrambler or just found a recipe online.


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