Healthy plant-based holiday recipes

When you think of “healthier food” you might also think “tasteless” which is certainly understandable with all the dismal low fat products on the market. This year will mark our 4th holiday season without turkey or other animal products and while at first I could not imagine I would still enjoy food, we have discovered so many wonderful and varied plant based recipes that a slice … Continue reading Healthy plant-based holiday recipes

Low “sat-fat” holiday substitutes

Have you ever shuddered at the amount of SATURATED FAT in our traditional holiday recipes? I recently compared the amount of saturated fat in a typical meat based diet versus a plant based diet, for the same amount of calories, and was shocked to learn there is four times the saturated fat in the meat based diet. When you consider that typical Thanksgiving-through-New Year’s menus have butter, … Continue reading Low “sat-fat” holiday substitutes