Have you noticed the news about plant based diets lately? If you have wondered about what that looks like or thought about eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer animal products, I invite you to these pages to hear how my family has moved to a plant based diet and why we feel it is important, for the health benefits and for our planet. I hope to share a few ideas to help you make a healthy and planEt friendly change in your life for 2016 and beyond.

A plant-based diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and excludes or minimizes meat, dairy products, and eggs. But you don’t have to go all the way! My main goal is simply to encourage meat and dairy eaters to move toward a more plant rich diet. Our family is now eating what is called a “vegan” diet, though we prefer the term “plant-based,” since it focuses less on restrictions and more on additions. I hope my suggestions and references to vegan products and recipes are not a turn-off and can be helpful for those who want to keep animal products in their diet but eat less of them.

In this blog I give suggestions and tips for everyday meals–not just recipes for when you have a vegan guest coming for dinner! Most decent cooks can find a fancy recipe for special occasions. It’s the day in and day out meals, in a busy life when trying to think about eating more plants may not be high on the list, that challenges many people. My style is pretty simple, and I have found ways for food to taste good and not take too long to prepare.

I added the E to “plant” because our motivation as a family was almost purely for environmental reasons–although eating more fruits and vegetables is obviously a healthy choice, too! We all know we “should” eat better. My family knew it too, but did not get as motivated as we are now until we realized the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Many people who care about our environment, climate change, water scarcity, public health and social justice, do not know about the detrimental impact that producing animal products has on these issues. We share some of our environmental concerns in other sections of this blog.

I have been surprised that eating more plants is easier and tastier than I expected. I hope you will find one or two of my ideas helpful as you work at your own pace toward healthier eating for yourself, for your family–and for our home on earth. So please explore my tips for eating more vegetables, eating other plants, and substitutions for meat, dairy, cheese and milk. You may want to bookmark this site for future reference.


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